The EFA start up has developed professional relationships and connections with many brands andindividuals from the fashion world. Personal advices and practical skills are equally valuable as what students are taught at schools, therefore The EFA has provided them with specialized and experienced mentors from the fashion industry who are going to refer to after the event comes to an end.

Stay with us! – #efastartup

Barbora Peuch

Barbora Peuch is a designer and pedagogue at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava in the Studio of Fashion Design and runs a Preparatory Studio of Fashion Design. In the past, she worked as a designer in a Slovak outdoor company Trek Sport, focused on outdoor clothing and equipment and also worked at School of Design in Bratislava, department of Fashion Design. Her creative works and designs are aimed at textile art and design, costume for theater, but mainly fashion design with a focus on sustainable fashion. Within this direction, she also leads and supports students of Fashion design and was also a co-founder of the theoretical subject Sustainability in clothing / textile design and production at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava.

Eva Vontorova

Designer Eva Vontorova, a graduate of AAAD Prague and Die Angewandte Vienna, founded the Ether brand in 2010 and earned her reputation with a portfolio of luxury leather goods. Her work emphasizes sustainability through timeless design and quality craftsmanship. In 2014 she also started to create ready-to-wear collections, achieving great success at both the Mercedes-Benz Prague Fashion Week and the Fashion Week in China. Prestigious Louis Vuitton City Guide regularly included Ether in its Prague's choice.


HubHub has its locations in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary and Great Britain. They redefine the world of coworking space by offering their clients structure of partners and associates combining investments, education and enterprise. The world of business comprises numerous sandboxes: for start-ups, education professionals, and corporates. Their mission is to create a huge sandbox, where everyone can play, cooperate and learn from each other. A vibrant community that sparks creativity and progress.

Jan C. Lobl

Jan C. Lobl is a designer and pedagogue, head of the Clothing and Textile Design studio at the Faculty of Art and Design UJEP in Ústí nad Labem. In cooperation with regional museums, he explores the textile identity of the North Bohemian region by creating authorial reports, rasters and digital prints, which he uses in his designs for his own fashion collection and production Löblhof & Artgrund - Design from the North. He designs and realizes costumes and sets for various theaters.

Jana-Eliska Auer

Jana-Eliska focuses mainly on training and consulting in social media marketing. She is the author of the book Adult kids. She is also an influencer on TikTok and Instragram, having ten thousands of followers.

Jens Wittwer

Jens Wittwer is Co-founder of Luxiders Magazine, a modern media company based in Berlin, with more than 200 000 reach worldwide. The company aspires to expand responsible consumption worldwide and spotlights the best of sustainability fashion and lifestyle. Jens began his career as a management consultant and later became interested in fashion photography and design since 2008 and its intriguing blend of creativity, aesthetics and the importance to care about resources and ethical demands. In 2020 he launched the creative production agency 001.AGENCY. He also works as a fashion and travel photographer. Luxiders also manages the Global Association of Sustainable Societies, a NGO which drives an educational change forward.

Jerzy Gawel

Dr. Jerzy Gawel is a founder and director of the School of Creative Photography at KSA in Cracow, where he is teaching fashion photography, nude and gumprinting. As a freelance photographer he works in fashion industry as well as for public institutions producing pictures for adverts and catalogues.

Jiri Kalfar

Jiri Kalfar is a ground-breaking Czech designer who combines high fashion with a passion for environmental awareness and sustainability. Jiri's womenswear showcases his innate sense of movement and style and celebrates the freedom of the feminine soul, with free-flowing silhouettes and a vibrant palette. Jiri uses folk-art inspired prints, ethically-sourced materials, and innovative cuts. His boundary-pushing menswear meshes a fluid approach to gender identity, bold physical expression, and bohemian chic. In 2019 Jiri received the Innovation Award given by Chambre Monegasque De La Mode under the high patronage of H.S.H. Princess Charlene of Monaco.

Jitka Klett

Jitka is a successful designer originally form Slovakia with more than 26 years of experience in the fashion industry. She is the primary designer of Jitka Klett Couture and JK Klett. She specialises on the design and print of her own facrics which are created in limited quantities mainly for RTW collection JK Klett. She is also the founder of a charity project named: Jitka Klett for Fashion Revolution, supporting young fashion designers. Jitka can help with following topics: How to run successful fashion brand. How to win the best customers. How to stay on top of the market for many years. Motto: "Enjoy your style."

Juliana Brnakova

Juliana focuses on clothing that suits to woman's silhouette and is primarily timeless. She is devoted to sustainable fashion and textile recycling. Juliana tries to make new material from unnecessary textile waste and return it to the garments. Juliana won first place in the competition New Faces of the Fashion Scene Bratislava Fashion Days by Mercedes Benz 2021.

Karolina Bosakova

Karolina is Talent development specialist, running several successful start-ups and businesses. She has a great knowledge about the global fashion market with more then 20 years of experience in the fashion industry. She was the international fashion top model and she is a founder of Unique One Models and Events Agency, founder of Košice Fashion Week and European Fashion Accelerator's executive director. She is also director of Happy Hearts Czech foundation & Happy Hearts x Forbes Annual Gala dinner in Prague. Motto: "Be Unique, Be the One!"

Malai biomaterials Design

Malai is a Slovak-Indian start-up that specializes in the development of biocomposite materials based on bacterial cellulose grown on agricultural waste from coconut processing. The material we have developed - Malai, is a vegetable substitute for leather, is vegan, compostable in home compost and produced without the use of aggressive chemicals.

Marcela Danielova

Marcela Danielova is founder of M-DNA Consultancy. She started her career in Paris and moved to Dubai in 2000 to produce fashion and lifestyle events with international luxury brands. Apart from producing events, she also produced content for some of the regional magazines and was frequently appointed as a casting and creative director for various projects. In 2012 she joined her industry colleagues to create Fashion Forward Dubai. She is known as a talent advocate, providing regional and international brands with necessary exposure and visibility through experiential marketing and PR.

Maria Camila Blanco

Maria Camila Blanco is a marketing and PR consultant from Argentina. She's been working in the fashion industry since 2015, collaborating with top Argentine designers. Since 2019, she's representing independent Latin American designers in the USA. She is co-owner of La Superclásica, an online shop showcasing Latin American art and design, and owner of Agencia, an agency that introduces new sustainable designers on the global market.

Martyn Roberts

Martyn Roberts is a FASHION SCOUT Founder and the Creative Director, and Biljana Poposka-Roberts is the Company Director. Their FASHION SCOUT is renowned for championing, nurturing and showcasing innovative and creative design talents from all around the world. It is also the UK's largest independent showcase for emerging and well-established design talents during the London Fashion Week. Their strong vision, global approach and dedicated passion render possible freedom and opportunity for emerging designers who are consequently better able to express their vision and build brand awareness.

Marvan Shamma

Marv's background is in artificial intelligence and machine learning with a passion for emerging technologies and visions for the future. He's a member of TechCast Global, a research-based corporation that grew out of his studies at George Washington University.

Pavlina Louzenska

Pavlina Louženska is a co-founder of the #HolkyzMarketingu group, she consults startups for Google for Startups and she introduces the Design Thinking method within the Grow with Google platform. She writes a blog and regularly shares inspiration for local and world design on her Instagram. Although Pavlína's activity is mainly in the field of marketing, interior design is her greatest passion, obsession, hobby and joy in one. She makes the podcast Trendspotting, together with Thea Kučerová.

Perry Maddox

Perry Maddox is currently a CEO for All Hands and Hearts. Over the years, Perry has led teams in more than 20 countries across 5 continents, he's interviewed thousands of people for jobs, developed hundreds of senior leaders, and supported tens of thousands of diverse leaders to unleash change. He's led organisations from small grassroots outfits to complex, global organisations. His passion is helping leaders to create change. For good, for all, and for a better world. 

Pieter de Mik

The Changing World of Retail Demands a New Approach. Nobody can deny that the way in which we shop has changed tremendously over the last decade. And the way in which we will shop in future will change even more. The internet has been both a blessing and a curse for brands, distributors, manufacturers but most especially shops. Traditional and specialised shops are disappearing from city centres. City centre shops are dramatically losing their clientele. Without change, new designers and brands will find it difficult to find access to the retail market due to this decline. So, we created, to put the "Shop back into Shopping"


Pinkponilo is a sewing and fashion studio, which also deals with design and production. PP was established in 2017 aiming to promote self-made clothing and to raise awareness towards the damaging effects of the fast fashion industry. Pinkponilo researches the designers making experiments with reusing textiles, thinking about new fashion techniques and zero waste possibilities. At Pinkponilo we provide sewing machines and tools to use and also organising workshops. We are also interested in combining creative technology and fashion (smart textiles, 3D printing, also would be great to experiment with VR in the design process).

Roxanne Chen Gadsby

Roxanne Chen Gadsby the founder of Dyelog, London based multi-faceted creative agency that covers PR, marketing and communication with an international reach in business and media. Dyelog creative agency represents for example the Czech designer Jiri Kalfar.

Stepan Vashkevich

Stepan is a researcher, advisor, project manager and occasional writer, originally from Belarus, now based in Prague. He works at Prague's Institute of Circular Economy, where he helps to facilitate the transition to a circular economy within the governmental and business sectors in the Czech Republic. He provides expert insight, conducts research projects, and teaches circular economy for professionals and the broader public.

Svetlana Kulisková Ruggiero

Svetlana Kuliskova Ruggiero uses in her textile production the technology of non-woven fabric, Art Protis, which she has been trying to rescue since the 1990s. She also uses textile and industrial waste, materials that she tests for their great environmental potential. Svetlana thus creates non-woven fabrics that can be used in fashion or interior design. She is also the head of the new clothing hi-school department Ekotextil design at SSUD Brno, dealing with sustainable fashion, and the founder of sewing workshop Brno šije.

Wiktoria Skiba

Wiktoria is a PR specialist, who will help you to make your brand visible and how to run effective PR on social media. She is the International Fashion Blogger and Brand Strategist, founder of the Spoiled Queen On-line Magazine and the Spoiled Queen Creative Hub. She has 10 years of Experience in the Fashion Industry and Business Negotiation. Motto: "I believe that every brand has a compelling story, let me tell yours."

Zuzana Mandic

Zuzana Mandic is a business consultant. She works with individual fashion designers and brands to develop and optimise their business strategies through sustainable value added services and business practices. She also collaborates with public sector organisations, government agencies, professional bodies and education providers, that operate within the creative industries, to meet their specific research & analysis, policy, organisational and project goals. Co-author of a market study Potential of the Czech Fashion Sector (Arts Institute/Ministry of Culture, 2018).