The EFA start up has developed professional relationships and connections with many brands andindividuals from the fashion world. Personal advices and practical skills are equally valuable as what students are taught at schools, therefore The EFA has provided them with specialized and experienced mentors from the fashion industry who are going to refer to after the event comes to an end.

Stay with us! – #efastartup

Jiri Kalfar

Jiri Kalfar is a ground-breaking Czech designer who combines high fashion with a passion for environmental awareness and sustainability. Jiri's womenswear showcases his innate sense of movement and style and celebrates the freedom of the feminine soul, with free-flowing silhouettes and a vibrant palette. Jiri uses folk-art inspired prints, ethically-sourced materials, and innovative cuts. His boundary-pushing menswear meshes a fluid approach to gender identity, bold physical expression, and bohemian chic. In 2019 Jiri received the Innovation Award given by Chambre Monegasque De La Mode under the high patronage of H.S.H. Princess Charlene of Monaco.

Marvan Shamma

Marv's background is in artificial intelligence and machine learning with a passion for emerging technologies and visions for the future. He's a member of TechCast Global, a research-based corporation that grew out of his studies at George Washington University.

Pieter de Mik

The Changing World of Retail Demands a New Approach. Nobody can deny that the way in which we shop has changed tremendously over the last decade. And the way in which we will shop in future will change even more. The internet has been both a blessing and a curse for brands, distributors, manufacturers but most especially shops. Traditional and specialised shops are disappearing from city centres. City centre shops are dramatically losing their clientele. Without change, new designers and brands will find it difficult to find access to the retail market due to this decline. So, we created, to put the "Shop back into Shopping"

Karolína Bosáková

Karolina is Talent development specialist, running several successful start-ups and businesses. She has a great knowledge about the global fashion market with more then 20 years of experience in the fashion industry. She was the international fashion top model and she is a founder of Unique One Models and Events Agency, founder of Košice Fashion Week and European Fashion Accelerator's executive director. She is also director of Happy Hearts Czech foundation & Happy Hearts x Forbes Annual Gala dinner in Prague. 

Motto: "Be Unique, Be the One!"

Zuzana Mandic

Zuzana Mandic is a business consultant. She works with individual fashion designers and brands to develop and optimise their business strategies through sustainable value added services and business practices. She also collaborates with public sector organisations, government agencies, professional bodies and education providers, that operate within the creative industries, to meet their specific research & analysis, policy, organisational and project goals.

Co-author of a market study Potential of the Czech Fashion Sector (Arts Institute/Ministry of Culture, 2018).

Jitka Klett

Jitka is a successful designer originally form Slovakia with more than 26 years of experience in the fashion industry. She is the primary designer of Jitka Klett Couture and JK Klett. She specialises on the design and print of her own facrics which are created in limited quantities mainly for RTW collection JK Klett. She is also the founder of a charity project named: Jitka Klett for Fashion Revolution, supporting young fashion designers. Jitka can help with following topics: How to run successful fashion brand. How to win the best customers. How to stay on top of the market for many years. 

Motto: "Enjoy your style."

Wiktoria Skiba

Wiktoria is a PR specialist, who will help you to make your brand visible and how to run effective PR on social media. She is the International Fashion Blogger and Brand Strategist, founder of the Spoiled Queen On-line Magazine and the Spoiled Queen Creative Hub. She has 10 years of Experience in the Fashion Industry and Business Negotiation.

Motto: "I believe that every brand has a compelling story, let me tell yours."